Innovating, accelerating and testing with the target group in a single week.

The Design Sprint, the powerful tool for tackling strategic issues.

Design Sprint

The Design Sprint is our sharpest tool for accelerating innovation. The Design Sprint gives you superhero powers: it lets you fly into the future so that you can see the responses of real users to your idea before you make any expensive investments. No endless decision-making processes, but a wealth of data and a realistic prototype, which we present to real users on the last day.


“The Design Sprint is basically an insurance plan for investments.”

Nothing about this process is random. From the structure in the method to the well-timed brain breaks and the balanced lunch. We pull out all the stops to achieve an excellent result with the team. You are assisted by our highly expert facilitators. Each one a master in their field. They will inspire you, challenge you and sometimes make you feel uncomfortable.

​The Connext Labs can be found in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Heerlen.

Is the Design Sprint something for my organisation?

The Design Sprint is an ideal tool for organisations that need to:

  • Test an organisational change
  • Test a product idea, concept or formula
  • Develop and test a renewed website or application
  • Improve an existing website or application
  • Develop a new proposition and/or product-market combination.

The foundation for this process was laid by Google Ventures in cooperation with Stanford University. With more than 100 completed design sprints, we have further fine-tuned this process in our lab to the point where it is the sharpest tool in our toolbox.

What are the benefits?

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5-day pressure cooker

You will know whether you have made the right investment decision within five days.

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Speed, efficiency and focus increase.

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Team effort

More co-creation and team spirit between individuals.

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A clear process for accelerating innovation.

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A flying start

A clear start and direction of a new project.

How others have benefited from us

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