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We are Connect Holland. Our mission is to think along and work with our clients on developing their digital future. We produce digital products with an impact that delights our users. From conversion-driven websites to highly advanced business applications, always using the latest technology. We enjoy being smart and therefore spend an average of one day each week learning and innovating. We are enterprising spirits who enjoy rising to any challenge. We take the initiative, are fearless in our approach and are always focused on the result.

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Our most recent assignment.

Our most recent assignment.

Postillion Hotels

AI employee puts hotel world upside down


All test results sent out to the whole world via a single secured portal

Digital in your DNA

We are a fine mix of strategists, UX designers, developers and data scientists. Our strength? The way we cooperate with our customers within our unique eco-system. The customer as specialist in his or her area of expertise or business. Us with our knowledge of digital. Always with the aim of providing the end-user with the best possible digital experience. This is the basis on which we build powerful sites, intelligent apps and fast-growing platforms.