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AR-Parrot is teaching children about counterfeit money

  • Client

    Giesecke & Devrient
  • What we did

    iOS, android, ARCore, ARKit, augmented reaility
  • The Team

    Full service development squad



How do you teach young children about money in a playful and informative way? That was Giesecke & Devrient GmbH’s million-dollar question. This German printing office creates banknotes, bonds, cheques and technology for authentication features.

A big focus point of the company is supporting national banks in preventing the use of counterfeit money.

Teaching children about the differences between real and counterfeit money proved to be quite a challenge. However, since children are the consumers of tomorrow, this seemed like a logical next step. Familiarizing them with Giesecke & Devrient in a positive way and as early as possible builds trust and can lead to future business. But how does a company keep this process interesting, light and fun?

‘It’s great to have money, but are you sure it’s real?’ - Penny the Parrot


Penny, an AR-Parrot:    
  • ARCore & ARkit augmented image tracking
  • 3D models with voiceovers
  • AR frameworks for Android & iOS that can be used to tell every story possible
  • Gamification to unlock trophies

"Penny is actually walking on my monitor!”

Timo (8 years old)


An approachable and cute little friend for children that uses an app to come ‘alive’ through a specially designed banknote. With ‘real’ money, of course. Specially designed and printed for this purpose. Using the dynamic and cheerful app Penny teaches the user about authentication features by interaction and through clicking in the AR-world.

Because loads of countries use multiple banknotes, it was of importance to create a script library that could be used to easily add or delete certain questions or authentication features. So, we did just that!

Together with RauwCC we, as team Appetite, developed a futureproof and funny animation-animal by using ARCore(Android) and ARKit(iOS) during the development. Augmented Images were technically applied to recognize the banknote. 

App with 'feathers’ helps make learning fun and interesting!

It only takes 10 minutes to teach children about the world of real and counterfeit money


Development and progress move at the speed of light. Penny is still a young parrot, so it is still growing rapidly. It will take a while before Penny can be considered an ‘adult’ and all the finishing touches can be applied. Full support cannot be offered in all areas at the moment. It proves to be quite a challenge when certain functionalities behave differently than planned. But that is what development is all about. Learning and growing.

Anyway: this app is an innovative and surprising tool for Giesecke & Devrient. One that applies not only to the young target audience, but to the national banks as well. The company wanted to do more than just teach. They wanted to use Penny to stay in the minds of children and at the same time offer a helping hand. The friendly character and ease of use of the app make sure children are prepared for the future in a unique way. Concerning money at least.

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