Jeroen Soeterbroek

Gaining ground by taking over app agency


Appetite has been strategically moved from the Connext Digital Group to Connect Holland by CEO Jeroen Soeterbroek. As of the 1st of October, the app specialist has been included to Connect Holland in Rotterdam. 

Soeterbroek established the Connext Digital Group at the beginning of this year, which includes Connect Holland: "This acquisition is a logical step for both parties. Appetite has the power to serve clients more and even better. And Connect Holland acknowledges the added value of a true specialist in mobile apps."

Responding to mobile first

The acquisition of Appetite is a business take-over that is part of Soeterbroek's long term strategy. "As an agency, Connect Holland comes up with new digital solutions together with her customers. It is evident that mobile plays an increasingly important role in this. So I wanted to respond to that."

The best in the Netherlands

Thanks to years of experience, Appetite, founded by Harm-Jan Roskam, Wim Wakelkamp and Jort Berends, is amongst the best in the Netherlands. The app agency is specialized in mobile strategy, concept and development. Harm-Jan Roskam: "We develop mobile products that seamlessly meet the high demands of modern users for their mobile experience. Which means that our applications work intuitively and are safe."

Extra growth opportunities

Besides a welcome addition to knowledge and expertise, Roskam sees a clear 1 + 1 = 3 in the new construction. "By being part of Connect Holland and combining each other's networks, we create growth opportunities for the entire organization. In addition, I see a role for Appetite to experiment and boost innovation at Connect Holland.”

In summary

Thanks to this strategic move, the Connext Digital Group has grown to 70 employees. From the 1st of October, Connect Holland strengthens her position by adding mobile apps to her portfolio. An additional team under the same roof that broadens expertise helps create growth opportunities and strengthens the innovation culture. The name remains the same: welcome team Appetite!

"This acquisition is a logical step for both parties"