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Michiel: de next-gen reservation employee

AI employee puts hotel world upside down

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Postillion Hotels needed 17 members of staff to process tens of thousands of reservation requests by email each month. Straightforward quotations, in particular, proved to be very time-consuming. Those people would rather have seen the CEO taking charge of the service provision rather than having to spend their own time on these tasks. Furthermore, customers were also inconvenienced by the delays.
We need to keep innovating to remain in the lead of our hotel business!


An employee who
  • never sleeps
  • is never sick
  • works independently
  • is able to draw up a quotation in a matter of minutes
  • is an expert at multitasking and can effortlessly process dozens of emails simultaneously.


Condition of the user

‘It’s okay if a bot is able to answer my email, but please no grammatical errors!’

Designsprint tester X


Who is Michiel? A state-of-the-art neural network that uses natural language processing techniques as text classification and named entity recognition. Deep learning for reading an e-mail and using the information to draw up a quotation. Michiel is linked to the reservation systems and can create a quotation within minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Michiel is like a new staff member, but a digital one: i.e. he never sleeps, is never sick and never goes on holiday. But just like a real new employee, Michiel is not able to do everything from day one. He is currently being trained and can handle more and more independently.


He's not a system, not an app, not a computer – he's Michiel

Michiel is changing the world of hospitality

Michiel now processes a large portion of the reservations

100.000 e-mails
are being processed each year as a result of our solution


Michiel can already do a whole lot, but still has more to learn. And what about those 17 people? They are happy, and proud. They see opportunities. Postillion Hotels wants people who interact with other people: ‘Not stuck in front of a computer. That is dull work and they didn’t enter this business to do that. So no, those 17 aren’t going anywhere. They will be leading the process. That is where they can perform at their best.’

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