An initiative of the Mental Health Fund/Correlation and the MIND National Platform for Mental Health.

Mind – the online platform for mental health in the Netherlands

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More than 40% of Dutch residents have experienced psychological problems in their lives. MIND seeks to prevent psychological problems and support people who suffer from them. We do this by offering information, conducting research, implemented projects and taking action. Together with clients and family organisations, social organisations, researchers, ambassadors and donors.
MIND issued a pitch for a high-impact national platform. A portal for everything to do with the human psyche in the Netherlands. Connect Holland won the pitch and has been the permanent bureau for all online activities.
Not searching, but finding


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  • Six portals within the Mind Network

A movement dedicated to the psychologically vulnerable in the Netherlands



With support from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, a project was started to improve the lot of the psychologically vulnerable under the name MIND. Organisations come together at a single location, both physically and digitally. Our Design Sprint work process meant all parties were clear about the result they desired within one week. A significant challenge given the large group of stakeholders involved with this project. In the end, we developed a digital platform consisting of multiple portals in 12 months. A portal for each target group, with the chief aim of enabling users to connect to one another and find useful information. In other words, from searching to finding. Working closely with the customer, Connect Holland developed the concept, design and platform.

Multiple portals for different target groups

Hundreds of experiential accounts and a central point for mental health.

Six portals within the MIND network

Visitors each month
Requests an hour


We used a number of innovative technologies. Like the self-learning capacity of the algorithm that matches content with what the user is looking for. Just like the elastic search method of psychipedia, a wiki with information, frequently asked questions and patient experiences. This has already resulted in a first observable shift two months following delivery. Thanks to MIND, searching is already changing into finding and connecting. There is a single clear message being issued to the target group. And not only are patients asking to be hooked up to MIND, but so are various stakeholders.

10,000 requests every minute
The MIND platform is supported by a cross-medium campaign via social media and television. Indeed, an episode of the hospital series CMC on RTL4 about depression – for which MIND had supplied content and context – suddenly resulted in 10,000 requests each minute to take an online depression test on MIND Blue. Thanks to the powerful infrastructure of Amazon AWS, it was possible to properly accommodate this high peak load.

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