Kiezen in de GGZ: Bundled information about healthcare providers, for doctor and patient.

Transparency in the mental healthcare sector

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These past years a lot of information has been gathered about healthcare providers in the ggz, for example about specific characteristics, level of quality and specialties. This information can be found, but is not accessible, especially in a way that might help you search for, filter and compare healthcare providers.

MIND, together with multiple partners in the mental healthcare sector, took the initiative to make this information more transparent. Connect Holland started the development of the platform. The biggest challenge? Connecting to different parties that provide information.

Trough kiezenindeggz.nl I am able to find waiting times of different healthcare providers close to my location.


  • State-of-the-art website based on angular
  • Connections with Vektis, Thuisarts.nl, Zorgweb, Mediquest, Zorginstituut Nederland and MIND
  • Advanced search functionality based on elastic search

“We have our own informationguide, but we use kiezenindeggz.nl to provide our customers with information.”

Insurance agent


With the decision-making support tool kiezenindeggz.nl patients and referrers – like a family doctor – can easily search for a psychiatrist or psychologist near their location. The website provides information about the waiting times for each ggz-provider, for each condition (for example: autism, depression, et cetera) and the compensation for the treatment.

This initiative connects to the ambition of MIND, ZN and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport to provide people looking for therapy with more insights and support. It also improves the transparency of the mental healthcare sector. Something that was a necessity.

The platform provides insight and support for people looking for therapy

Thousands of visitors each month


More than a year ago ‘kiezen in de ggz’ launched. This is something the projectteam is extremely proud of. Step by step we are improving the transparency in the mental healthcare sector. Not just for the client or patient, but for everyone. Development never stops, which is also true for this platform. That is why there is a constant push for new updates that make sure the platform continues to meet the expectations and requirements of referrers and people that are looking for help in the ggz.

The number of users of ‘Kiezen in de ggz’ continues to grow. The thousands of visitors each month show that this platform provides a service that people have been waiting for.

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