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Renting furnishings and floor coverings for large events.

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JMT is an originally Dutch company that is market leader in the renting of furnishings and floor coverings for large events. The company now has branches in Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, France, Belgium and Spain. Each year, JMT supplies products for more than 6,000 events.
Do you need 20,000 chairs for a conference the day after tomorrow? In that case, JMT is your go-to partner. You will understand that something like that involves an enormous logistics operation. The new website had to fit seamlessly in this complex wheelwork - including a number of unique extra options. And, lest we forget, with the instruction to deliver within three months.
Product owner and project manager Herbert Lieftink went, on behalf of JMT, in search of a second opinion on the future development of their website. This was currently being handled by another party. Development had hit a brick wall and he wanted an answer to the question: What is the alternative anno 2018?
‘We had already been working on it for two years and we still had nothing to show for it. Look, I am of the agile school and two years is an eternity. The choices made at that time are no longer feasible.’
Our management found that Connect Holland had the most honest narrative as well as an approach that was technically and commercially the strongest.


  • website and webshop (for seven different countries)
  • implementation of 3D floor planner
  • implementation of 3D model visualisation
  • connection with ERP system


The entire website is clearly designed and well structured. The use of colour is fresh and light. I really like the photos of the staff members of the various branches.

Customer JMT


‘We examined very carefully what would and what wouldn’t be feasible. We drew our conclusion pretty quickly: this would be a technical project. The part under the hood would look amazing and the exterior would exude a minimalist appeal. We called it a minimal loveable product,’ Herbert explains.

Or, as you would expect from us: extreme simplicity at the front and a high degree of complexity at the back.

Herbert was very involved with the development in that phase. For example, he was present at the initial Design Sprint as well as at the stand-ups – by telephone or live – on a daily basis. Furthermore, he was actually there with us on the work floor one to two days a week. ‘That resulted in quick deals being closed, which turned out to be extremely valuable,’ he admits himself. For us at Connect Holland, Herbert's regular presence was a condition for success.

Where other players on the events market focus on offering webshops, we integrate the webshop as part of a larger platform. For example, all items available for rent can be viewed in 3D in the webshop. That’s almost 4,500 items. The website also features a so-called floor plan; a tool that allows event organisers to design and configure a conference location or trade fair stand in detail. Unique in the business.
Based on our expertise, we can say that the connection with the ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) in particular was the most daunting technical challenge we faced. What added to the complexity was the fact that each country had its own storeroom. Everything had a different name with different product numbers and systems. So, how did we manage to set up the entire website within three months? Thanks to our fast work process and because we were able to handle the complex API.

‘To set ourselves apart, we added a number of functionalities that made it far more than a mere webshop. That was a brilliant piece of advice.’

The floor plan is unique in the event business

Due to a fast work process and our knowledge of the complex API, we had the entire website up and running in three months


JMT’s website has now been online for a year and is due for an update very soon. ‘All our data show that one-third of users of our website are satisfied with the way it currently works. Not bad for an MVP, wouldn’t you say? Nevertheless, we will be updating a number of features, such as the search function. As a result, we will gradually be adding even more and new customer preferences. Things we couldn’t arrange initially because of choices made at the time.
After all, it is interesting to see how the various countries working with the website are able to give it their own individual twist. ‘I believe in corporate identity and structure. But I also believe that no two countries are the same. For me it was a requirement that we had a single platform with all features. But it is up to the country to set up the menu structure, including associated images, texts and buttons. After all, if Spain wants to focus more on the layout while Germany is more interested in the events calendar, it should all be possible. That freedom is important. Connect Holland was able to make this technically possible in a way that is convenient for the countries to work with.’

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