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Self-service portal for cleaning services

Self-service portal for business cleaning services

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Many companies have a traditional contract with a cleaning company. These contracts set out the hours, tasks and times of the cleaning work. In a time of a digital revolution, it must be possible to do things differently, they thought at Gom Schoonhouden. Let’s see how we can give users more control and service their needs and desires even better. Connect Holland saw an opportunity to develop a great, ground-breaking way to provide for this need.


Giving the customer even more control


  • Fully responsive
  • Arranging your cleaning work quickly and easily as an SME
  • The ability to quickly make changes anywhere and at any time

Fast and efficient

Communication via our own online portal with the customer service is quick and efficient and saves us a lot of time. It’s an added bonus that this service also ensures a lower price!

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Directschoon lets customers coordinate the cleaning work with their actual needs and preferences, at any time of the day. We built an online platform that customers log into to arrange their cleaning agreements online and change them if they want. Customers can also directly view the associated costs and usage. What’s great about the system is that it immediately shows you whether the contract meets your actual needs. And if that is not the case, customers can immediately adjust the arrangements themselves.

Costs and usage can be viewed directly

Arrange your cleaning work yourself

Within five minutes


Professional cleaning in line with the customer’s needs and preferences
Directschoon provides the customer with the cleaning services the customer really needs. Nothing more and nothing less. The customer stays in control. Directschoon offers professional cleaning services that customers can plan online according to their needs and desires. Need to change the hours or times? No problem. You log into your own user-friendly and responsive online environment ‘mijn Directschoon’ via mobile phone, laptop, tablet or desktop and change whatever you need to immediately.

Want to see it live in action? Go to Directschoon here.



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