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The municipality of Rotterdam has been working for more than 10 years to promote healthy weight and sufficient exercise among Rotterdam children up to 12 years of age. Rotterdam Lekker Fit! helps teachers, gym teachers and health professionals at almost 100 elementary schools to encourage their pupils to exercise more and eat healthier. The Fitmeter, a handy web-app, plays a key role here.
To effectively monitor the health of pupils, it is of course necessary to carefully monitor their performance. Previously, gym teachers would record this information on paper and later enter the figures in an Excel sheet. And that Excel sheet subsequently needed to be added to a large data base. Rather laborious and time-consuming. 'Isn’t there another way to do this?', people wondered. We had an idea.
Can’t this be done differently?


  • iOS app
  • Database

Scores awarded immediately

Whenever the pupils do a somersault, score a goal or touch the finish line, we immediately enter a score

Gym teacher


First of all, we moved away from that unwieldy database towards a light sub-variant so that it can also be used quickly and effectively on a mobile phone. We expanded this with a smart construction that ensures that all necessary data is always loaded in a way that is similar to Facebook's time line. We also took account of the Internet connection in the gymnasium, which can sometimes be unstable. Finally, we used iOS styling for the design for a familiar and, especially, intuitive user experience.

Ever since, half of all Rotterdam gym teachers keep track of the sporting achievements of elementary school pupils on their smartphones. For example: whenever the pupils do a somersault, score a goal or touch the finish line, the gym teacher immediately enters a score.

The smart application of digital in practice

94 Rotterdam schools

2.5% less obesity


Result: Big data!
This application means Rotterdam has a good insight into the physical condition and locomotor development of children over multiple years. The anonymised data collected each year allows scientists to continue their research. And what has been the result? Since 2013 the percentage of children with obesity has no longer been increasing but dropping!

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